Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer shows

We saw "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" 
while in Portland, Oregon.
I love the subject.
These 32,000 year old cave paintings 
are awesome.
I did not care for the 3-d filming.
I would have enjoyed the film more with less Warner Hezog and more time looking at the Paleolithic Art.
Even with all my reservations I am still happy
these images have been filmed.

The kids sent home some shows for us to watch during summer reruns. I like the t.v. series  Castle and Bones.
I think the actors were on these series.
I never have watched a Buffy episode.
My daughter gave the scary warning.
I might not take.

I have requested a few movies from the library
that the kids suggested.
I also am planning a movie night out.
I want to see
"Cowboys and Aliens."
I think Harrison Ford is a cowboy.
Yet I always seem to support the aliens.